Major Save Fix - You may now "ABANDON" a base, and start fresh.
All your bases stay updated in all locales until you abandon them.

Revision: 6449
Author: khal
Date: August 14, 2015 1:27:45 PM
here are all the fixes....for ensuring abandon button does not show up on another's base.

Revision: 6448
Author: khal
Date: August 13, 2015 8:11:43 PM
also delete the base name TODO flatteners and the advanced mission (ABANDON BASE)

We have made multiple fixes...

- Mars Terrain improved rock slab texture
- Animatics for lagoon added for later
- new shuttle materials.
- Orbital bees now take damage.
- 2nd player can no longer fubar the 1st player in the Orbital bee by hitting drive.
- Lander has lens flares when taking off.
- Potential null pointers fixed
- Dialogue database updated to have unique id's as was killing dialogues
- Braincloud had an update.
- Care packages respawn as well as blueprints in tutorial.

Known issue:

Extended Dev Game Play

Dev's Antara and Astronicus built half of a base on Mars between 11:30 am CST and 3pm CST. First the goal was to grow food. Antara strove to print out a biology hab while, Astronicus used forward thinking while working on getting power to the hab. In order to gain the materials to print these two habs, Antara downloaded all of the blueprints available and then ran around and mined materials. Astronicus used a more eloquent way of downloading the blueprints, by downloading them as he needed each one.