Happy Holidays with a Map of Ceres

Please enjoy version 1 of the Ceres Landscape.
There is a holiday easter egg if you care to hunt for it!


-Discovered: January 1,1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi of Italy (first asteroid/dwarf planet discovered)
-Size: 975 by 909 kilometers (606 by 565 miles)
-Shape: Spheroid
-Rotation: Once every 9 hours, 4.5 minutes - sped up to be about 1/3 of our accelerated earth day.

Star Rangers

Known issues:
- In multiplayer, clients will see newly spawned habitats fidget (Anchoring or reloading map should fix the issue)
- Pressing O and P at the same time toggles all menu visibility on/off (Recently discovered as cause for flag input disappearing, will be fixed in the next release)

v1.0.1.2 Quick Tutorial and Hab Fixes
Hi everyone, we thought it was pretty important to fix the hab flying issue and the tutorials immediately, so that's done now. Right-click to force your update to download. There was also a Joanna chat issue which we might have fixed - let us know.

Thanks and talk to you soon.

Improved habitat physics + Fixed habitats flying into sky on load