Star Rangers

Roberts Chatting it Up

Chat it up with Roberts in the Lagoon Courtesy the Voice Talents of Shaun Tool.

There are many updates! Check out the STEAM forum (private alpha) for comments and more!

r7077Fixed HandExtender and GrowLightsLong prefabs. Added biomass to PVP care packages and renamed rockaxe parts to pickaxe

r7076Fixed an issue with Roberts

r7075Fixed item dropping physics. Inflatables should no longer fly apart when dropped at the same location

r7071Generated more nav meshes

r7070Fixed angle of climbing animation slightly

r7068Improved Team Selection Window

r7067Cleaned up the database files for the dialogue system

r7066Added non-PVP map information to Game Settings. Added more maps to non-pvp. Implemented xml non-pvp functionality into room selector

r7065Fixed ExitVehicle error on load

r7064Fixed Kill zones killing you after respawn

r7063Fixed getting stuck in vehicles after dying

r7062Fixed other players in PVP loading their Inventory (Should be blocked)

r7061Fixed an issue with bart in PVP

r7060Fixed blueprint saving/loading

r7059Added missing id's to blueprint data and fixed an issue with chat and pvp ai.

r7058Fixed Whitley hab research menu (Blank screen)

r7056Generated some nav meshes

r7055Fixed Bart pvp patrol points

r7054Added number of players on each team to HUD in PVP.

r7053Fixed Team Selection Window for players joining PVP game

r7051Added credits