March 31st, 2015- Update

Star Rangers Suprise Update-

We went for an update today because we had changed so much in the last 24h.

- Fixed satellite animation on the 3rd mission in the Mars level.
- Added a close button to the leaderboard window.
- Base names are now saved (per map). So each planet can be named uniquely if players wish.
- Added a power beam to the generator in the 3rd mission (in the Mars level).
- Fixed an issue where the care package could vanish while holding it.
- Your inventory will now be saved. Your inventory will carry over when visiting other players bases as well.
- Fixed the run speed on the Lagoon level.
- The medium printer no longer spawns on the Lagoon.
- The care package no longer spawns on the Lagoon.
- Potential fix for the vanishing name tags bug.
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't join other players in the Lagoon.

The dev team plays at 4pm. Come and join us!