March 25th, 2015- Update 0.8.2

Promised Large Update!

- The game will prevent the player from spawning until the base is properly loaded.
- Added oxygen to the level 2 Command Hab and Biology Hab. This will prevent players from dying inside the building.

- Moved the player connection message from the chat window into the status message.
- Fixed a number of errors that could occur when a player joined late.
- Dead bodies vanish after 2 minutes instead of 20.

- The 3D printer will respawn if it ever vanishes for whatever reason.
- Fixed the passenger position in the buggy.
- Reduced the Buggy drag by half.

- Added a popup notification when a mission is completed.
- Added a loading label that shows while the game is either creating a new base or loading an existing one.

Drum Roll please:
- Explore a new area of mars in a new level. In the level we have placed a care package, mineral oven, and 4 buggies to aid and assist in exploration.

- Implemented new saving technique! You can now save your own base and everything that is built on your base by you or anyone else! If you want to save materials you have gathered, then you must place them in the storage octals. If you notice materials and habs not saving please let us know in the forums.

- Fixed a bug with saving the hab and Whitley hab.
- Fixed a bug that prevented spotlights from being saved.
- Fixed issues with saving the storage octals.

Devs usually play at 4pm CST! Come and join us.