March 18th, 2015 - Update 0.7.9

We are working furiously to put the finishing touches on one large amazing update!

Until then enjoy these updates!

- Fixed pickaxe break time
- When hovering over the storage octal and care package, the names shown are more clear (e.g. "Care Package" instead of "Starting_CarePackage")
- Changed the text of the waypoint on the medium printer.
- Removed some unused options in the graphics menu.
- You can no longer equip the handheld scanner and level 2 pickaxe at the same time.
- Changed the print times back down to 10 seconds.
- Added a total of 4 beds and 1 toilet to the Command Hab.
- Fixed a case where both doors could open at the same time in the Whitley Hab.
- Added a Dune Buggy to the Mars Landscape level.
- Updated the blueprint recipes.

Devs sometimes play at around 4 CST!