March 16 th, 2015 - Update 0.7.8

We are updating the game constantly!

- Added status messages to the game, (e.g. John joined the base, or John is using the printer).
- Hand Scanner shows the laser beam again.
- Fixed a bug that caused the in-game computer to be positioned incorrectly in the Whitley Hab.
- Added some more minerals to the drill factory.
- Inventories can only be opened by one person at a time now.
- Pressing "Delete" in the Character Customization scene will now result in your brainCloud profile being wiped as well (experience, save the file, the current level, etc).
- Printing items now take a default time of 120 seconds. As the players level up and gain experience, this time goes down. If the players class matches the items class, it will cut the time in half.