March 9th, 2015 - Update 0.7.5

New update, New MAP!

- Fixed update from 0.7.3, it appeared not to work on IOS systems

- Channel Gigas Sulci, this channel is located on the southeast side of Olympus Mons. This channel revels in isolation, hidden behind looming
hills. In this map players can explore the channel in ways never explored previously by man kind.

- Altered spelling in descriptions of classifications

- Primitive saving ability
- Building development will save
- Materials in the inventory and octal storage WILL NOT save
- The bypass around this is to drop everything on to the ground, which will just sit there until you come back
- You must create a new base every time, if you want to play with the buildings that you have already developed. The materials will just
load once you land.

Until Wednesday,
Dev Team