A small update today.
We have done a couple of updates since Wednesday as we saw some bugs.

So the updates:
- Added status text on the right side of the screen.
- Added arrow key scroll support to the "cat" command on the in-game computer.
- Player appearance is saved to the cloud.
- Added more buggies to the Mars Landscape level.
- Fixed passenger position in the buggy.

Have a great weekend!


Friday's updates

- Solar array can be dusted off while a battery is attached to it.

- Issues where your achievement points and name constantly download has been fixed

- Automatic drill factory implemented. This develops materials automatically as they come out of the ground.

- Mars map 15_2 landscape: Spotlights placed on ground, Empty containers have been added

-Backpacks disappear after emptied

-You can turn off waypoints through the settings


Thank you for the feedback!

- Saving function attempt number two!
- No major changes just that we have ironed out what seemed not to be working in update 0.7.5

- Missions computer is going inside the Whitley Hab

- Lights are on the surface
- This will help you work in the dark!

Keep up the great work!

We are working on a new factory that will accelerate hab building.

New update, New MAP!

- Fixed update from 0.7.3, it appeared not to work on IOS systems

- Channel Gigas Sulci, this channel is located on the southeast side of Olympus Mons. This channel revels in isolation, hidden behind looming
hills. In this map players can explore the channel in ways never explored previously by man kind.

- Altered spelling in descriptions of classifications

New update!

- Fixed descriptions
- Fixed cut off text on edge of description
- Changed hud management to simultaneously pressing O and P at the same time. This is to improve chat.
- You can now change the volume without the mouse movements effecting your character.

Known Bugs
- The uGUI gets garbled up due to a bug in Unity 4.

Thanks for all your hard work!

We are updating the alpha today at 3pm.
We have been keeping an eye on Steam and appreciate all of your feedback!

Update changes:

- Pressing the O key will take the hud away. This feature is great if you want to take in game screenshots.
- The pickaxe has been developed to be easier to print. You now need less materials for it.
- The hand scanner has now been recalibrate to display proper values.
- You can pick up a mineral by clicking on it.

We will be posting updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

Happy middle of the week!

Welcome to the page! Star Rangers™is just starting the alpha testing. Here we will be updating you with all of the latest news on the game. Stick around, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

- New update to include tutorial.
- Locked rooms with passwords so you can play with your friends!
- Alterations to materials needed for building.
- New and improved missions.

**Known bugs**
-If you pick up an object and drop it before a new person enters your level then you may look like you are gittering, but only your friend will see that.