Exciting News
- Players hands and feet are adjusted using when driving the trike.
- The players hands will hold the steering wheel on the buggy.
- Players will move a little more forward when getting up from a chair.
- If you are falling for too long in the Atrium, you will now pass out momentarily instead of dying.
- Fixed an issue where the printer menu vanish in space.
- Fixed a bug that caused the leave button to not work in some cases.

Added new maps!
-The Moon
- 2 new Mars locations
- Atrium

Our Routine Update.

- Player names on the HUD now use the new Unity GUI system.
- Fixed a bug with the new player names that caused the name to get stuck to the screen.
- Fixed an issue where multiple printers could spawn.

- Biomass and Rations now save correctly.
- Loaded minerals will no longer appear on the ground.
- Fixed some network issues with the chair jacks.

- Fixed a gravity issue with the jumping animation.
- Fixed a collider issue with the Whitley Spacestation.

Bases have been wiped for this update!

So much new stuff it is hard to believe that we could get it all done in time!

- You can now remotely control a REX and a BART robot from the in-game computer. Once logged in, simply type "rex" or "bart" without quotes.
- Added Sols to the top of the HUD.
- Fixed some issues where connected buildings would be destroyed when a building would be upgraded.

- Added beds to the level 2 HAB.
- Fixed an issue where items could be dropped through walls.
- Fixed an issue where the wrong item name would be displayed when an item broke.

Tiny update with great consequences.

Today, we are adding a new level, the lagoon level.
The Lagoon is an earth level where rangers train to become full-fledged astronauts.
You start off on earth with one mission, to build a Chiron and fly off into space.
Once in space the options will be endless, but for now you head on back to the level selection screen.

Some bugs with this level needed to be fixed before release.

Promised Large Update!

- The game will prevent the player from spawning until the base is properly loaded.
- Added oxygen to the level 2 Command Hab and Biology Hab. This will prevent players from dying inside the building.

- Moved the player connection message from the chat window into the status message.
- Fixed a number of errors that could occur when a player joined late.
- Dead bodies vanish after 2 minutes instead of 20.

A moderate update for a moderate Monday. Happy Monday alpha testers!

- Fixed the background sprite position for the weather display.
- Loading now works again.
-Items in storage containers should save and load correctly. This is still an early implementation and will work better in the next update.
- Fixed an issue where players were not given enough minerals to complete the tutorial.

Keep up the great work! All your feedback and support have been amazing!