Over the next couple of weeks, our updates may be slightly irregular. We are fixing large bugs in gameplay and want you all to have the latest and the greatest, when it comes to updates are concerned.
Thank you for your constant support. We saw that loads of you were playing at around 6pm CST last night.

Here are the bugs:

Continuing on to update!

- Reduced the number of biomass in the carepackage. (1 file changed)
- Fixed an issue where the "Filter" in the server selector overlapped some text. (1 file changed)
- Advanced Missions now save correctly. (1 file changed)

- Fixed a hard crash related to debug messages. (4 files changed)
- Added new music (20 files added & 1 changed)
- Switched the game to a higher capacity server. (1 file changed)

- As suggested, the HUD will now flick on and off every 60 seconds, as this will apparently fix the garbled HUD issue. (1 file changed)
- Fixed an issue in the Moon level where the camera would fade black when you clicked "Leave Game". (1 file changed)
- The team tags are correctly set on the Mineral Oven and Medium Printer now. This will result in blueprints loading from a save correctly. (2 files changed)

Surprise Update!
We are gearing up for our release tomorrow.

- Fixed an issue with the space buildings (players wouldn't walk properly in them).
- Fixed an issue with the camera on Europa.
- You can now blow up space debris and gain experience.

- You can now only change your class for new characters. Deleting your character will allow you to change classes.
- Fixed an issue with the input caret in the chat bar.
- Added a sound-track display.

- Added the ability to filter maps on the map selection screen.

Did you hear about our Early Access Release date?
We release on Steam Early Access on May 1st.
Don't worry your alpha keys will continue to be valid!

- Added buggies to the race level.
- The "Fire Rocket" button no longer jumps around when you click it.

- Added Mars to the skybox in the Mars Orbit scene.
- Removed the background image from the options menu.

Update 0.9.5
Star Rangers incorporates virtual reality into the race scene.

- Added VR support to the Mars Race scene.
- Added controller support to the race level. Only when a headset is connected.
- VR is multiplayer cross platform compatible. This means that those playing with the VR headsets can also play against those without.

Current Requirements (subjected to change):
The Oculus Runtime (v. and a connected Oculus headset in order to switch into VR mode.

Keep the updates rolling in!

- Vehicles will take damage and self-destructed after a certain point.
- You will respawn when your trike is destroyed in a race.
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to disconnect the battery from an opponents trike (only in the race).

- Batteries will now exhaust in the race map.
- Added a number of solar arrays to the race map so your battery will stay charged.
- Added more checkpoints to the race map.

- Fixed an issue where the AI cars would not go through the tunnel.

Update 0.9.3

- Fixed an issue that caused multiple AI cars to spawn per player.
- Fixed errors that could occur when loading a Hab.
- Wind Farms now save and load correctly.

- Drill Factories now load properly.
- Flattened terrain is now properly serialized.
- Rex parts will save and load correctly.

- Fixed an issue where some Hab boxes wouldn't serialize correctly.
- Building's anchored state is serialized correctly.
- Added new thruster particle effects to the lander.

Update 0.9.1

So many amazing changes!

- Players will spawn closer to the ground when exiting the lander (as long as the lander is close enough to the ground).
- Added an on screen message when a mission is completed at the computer terminal.
- Player positions are displayed on screen in the race level.

- Added a pickaxe button when using Rex. You may also press E.
- Fixed a bug that caused the camera to shake for all players when Rex was mining.
- Fixed a number of small bugs in the Saturn level.