- The map colliders are now on the "IgnoreInspect" layer. This fixes the strange camera behaviour on the Launch Lagoon.
- Increased the drag on the Hex Pot.
- You can now teleport inside the Shuriken when driving the Orbital Bee.

- You can now re-enter the Atrium from Space.
- Lowered the spawn points in the Atrium.
- Fixed a bug that caused the inventory in Rex to sometimes appear empty.

Devs to play at 3pm CST!
- Removed Mars from the Space scene outside the Atrium.
- Added a waypoint in space so you can re-enter the Atrium.
- Fixed issues with teleporting from the Atrium to the Space scene. Players will now move into the same room.

- Fixed a bug with the orbital bee missiles where the notification text would appear multiple times when it self-destructed.
- You will now spawn inside an orbital bee when you enter space (from the Atrium).

Lots of behind the scenes development as we discuss game direction.

- Added a disconnection message when a player leaves.
- Added some hex pots to the Biology building.
- Fixed a handful of errors with items in general.

- Changed the items that appear in the care package on the Lagoon.
- The unlimited care package on the lagoon should refill properly for all players.
- Leaving the Lagoon on the Chiron will result in the "Chapter 1" achievement being unlocked.

- Fixed serialization issues with the seedpacks and hex pots.

Mission grow plants!

- The Hex Pot no longer anchors.
- The Engineering Garage now acts like a Large printer (and thus can print small, medium or large items).
- Vehicles should no longer knock players over if it's not being driven.

- Cleared trees and grass in the Lagoon scene.
- Fixed performance issues related to the new triggers on the edge of the map.
- Players will now hold a ration as they are eating.

- The crosshair now shows "Aeronautics Building" on it's building. (1 file changed)
- Updated BrainCloud to 2.8.0 (191 files changed)
- Added a large printer to the Atrium (1 file changed)

- The computer in the Quarters will only show up if you have NOT completed Chapter 2. Chapter 2 is unlocked by going in to space through the Atrium.
- Added a care package to the lagoon that never runs out.

Today, during our gameplay we found several different bugs as well as to some game design objects that just did not function correctly.

Hex Box will be taken out of the game: Instead they will be permanent fixtures inside the biology building.

The mineral oven will be movable: Either it will be driveable or have remote driving powers.

Gravity alternations on planets: Changing gravitational pull in order to better depict theoretical gravitational pull on each planet.

Last update before the weekend! Happy playing everyone!

- Adjusted the blueprint dependencies (1 file changed)
- Fixed an error with the Mineral Oven (re-enabled the Wheels) (2 files changed)
- Blueprints are sorted by name (alphabetically) (1 file changed)

- Available blueprints are also sorted by name (1 file changed)
- Windfarm center of mass adjusted (1 file changed)
- Fixed an issue with the computer being position incorrectly in the Whitley Hab (1 file changed)

So many changes in such little time.

- Fixed the battery label to always be visible and also added sounds to the whole hud (clicking). (12 files changed)
- You can no longer override your player name in game if Steam is running (as it causes conflicts). If you want to change your player name, please do so through the Steam client. (1 file changed)

It's never too late to update.
Here is the change log from yesterday's update.

- Plants can no longer die (1 file changed)
- Building a BART will result in the correct BART model being spawned. (1 file changed)
- The new alert text for minerals are now shown properly on the miner, not just the master client. (2 files changed)
- Removed a number of unused network methods (as we are hitting our cap). (2 files changed)

Nothing like a midday update.

- You can now see how long a plant has left to finish growing (in minutes) (2 files changed)
- Fixed an issue where the "Applied Flying Buff" text would be shown to all players (1 file changed)
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to equip a Whitley Hab box. (1 file changed)