v Released!

    Version v of Star Rangers has been released... with a lot of bug fixes as we get ready to go for early access.
  1. Main Menu Global Messages are implemented (on start page).
  2. Braincloud Connection status added to main menu PVP Selection on non-PVP-enabled maps 
  3. bug fixed Added fish in lagoon
  4.  Fixed Commander Robert's Dialogue bugs 
  5. Proper "Use Interaction" implemented for talking to NPC's/Holograms 
  6. Fixed collision bug during load Added Entity counter while level is loading 
  7. Updated BraincloudManager to limit connection-retries. 
  8. Players are now notified when there are simultaneous logins on the same account. (This is bad!)
  9. Fixed Biology Hab Exit Glitch Mozilla 
  10. Open Badges System is Live! 
  11. Decreased the flares on Orbital Bee.
  12. Many other small things were fixed including shader errors and typing effects for intro page.