Star Rangers Update

There are a lot of updates in the build - please try them out.

- Added Parachutes to Replenishing Care Packages
- Dynamic Retractable Lander Legs
- Fixed bug where multiple items were serializing as Jacks
- Fixed the care package prefabs to remove flickering texture
- Moved the center of gravity down in the drill factory
- Pickaxe mechanics are redesigned to one pick per click
- Engineering garage will only deploy if the area is clear
- Titan environment slight improvements
- Music Player song selection fixed
- Added NPC's to Lagoon
- Modified Lagoon Landscape and layout
- Added an ATV Vehicle
- Added learning mission to Lagoon
- Added Commander Roberts Hologram to Lagoon
- Added NPC Hologram to the Atrium
- Improved Shuriken Docking
- Shuriken Solar System Screen has been changed
- Rhino Chill Beds have animation
- Fixed menu navigation between solar-system and level-select screens
- Fixed cursor bug in solar system menu
- Added click-to-focus on select objects
- Added more visible icons to connection points when connecting objects
- Rockets can now be fired when attached to a vehicle that is being driven
- Consumable items hunger, thirst, and oxygen levels have been fixed
- SolarArray and WindFarm save and load now
- Base Menu has been modified
- Base Name Menu has been modified