April 17st, 2015- Update 0.9.1a

Update 0.9.1

So many amazing changes!

- Players will spawn closer to the ground when exiting the lander (as long as the lander is close enough to the ground).
- Added an on screen message when a mission is completed at the computer terminal.
- Player positions are displayed on screen in the race level.

- Added a pickaxe button when using Rex. You may also press E.
- Fixed a bug that caused the camera to shake for all players when Rex was mining.
- Fixed a number of small bugs in the Saturn level.

- Adjusted the lighting and road materials in the Mars Race level.
- Reduced the amount the trike slides on the Mars Race level.
- Moved the position of the inventory crate in the Command Hab.

- Fixed a bug that caused the de-sander's particle effect to stay on when using it inside a buggy.
- Fixed a number of issues with the Iron Service Arm.
- The Iron Service Arm is now automatically picked up after being printed.

- Fixed an issue where the de-sander could not be equipped occasionally.
- Your base name will now show on the "Create Base" panel (along side the map names). If you have not created a base on that map, or have not given the base a name, you will simply see the map name.
- Fixed an issue where creating a race would cause you to join an existing race.

- You can now sit on the Chair Jacks.
- Sols are now incremented on the HUD.
- Added more checkpoints to the race map.
- Removed the item bullet list and the number of items in a given category on the Wrist Computer / Inventory screen.

We have been busy since Wednesday! Remember Dev's play at 4pm CST, come join us!