Star Rangers

Roberts Chatting it Up

Chat it up with Roberts in the Lagoon Courtesy the Voice Talents of Shaun Tool.

There are many updates! Check out the STEAM forum (private alpha) for comments and more!

r7077Fixed HandExtender and GrowLightsLong prefabs. Added biomass to PVP care packages and renamed rockaxe parts to pickaxe

r7076Fixed an issue with Roberts

Star Rangers.

Star Rangers

The Whitecard team has been working tirelessly since the beginning of June on enhancements. The Lagoon is a real beaut with new graphics and Roberts voice performance: ….you’ll find a significant number of improvements made around game saving and many optimizations for graphics were created.
Cloud saving has been optimized by a new team member .
Occulsion was added to every level and we've seen frame rates double - let us know.

You may want to abandon your old bases to take advantage of the new saving.