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Good-bye Mr. Nimoy

It can't be said enough how much of an influence Leonard Nimoy and the great character of Spock has had on almost everyone who works in or with NASA and other space industries. As game developers who spend quite a bit of time "hanging" with NASA and astronauts (it's our life's work for some of us), we were greatly saddened to hear of Nimoy's passing.

This is the end of an era where that singular character Spock spoke and continued to speak as a misunderstood alien, a great scientist, a thinker, a Starfleet officer, and a peacemaker. All through the real-life space accomplishments of the 1960s to now, some 50 years, have the Star Trek teleplays and movies depicted a united mankind, where Russians (& Soviets), African & Asian descended people, and every other "tribe" were seen as local to the U.S.S. Enterprise, respected, cherished and even, yes, loved for their differences.

With Spock's character, only half human, these values of inclusiveness became truly universal, and almost certainly were an influencing backdrop for even current space missions, such as those to the International Space Station, where international crews celebrate their differences in space! 

For now, anyway, just like in Star Trek, human beings leave their political problems behind. Let's hope that lasts forever. With Nimoy's death, people almost universally proclaim the kindness of his soul. He even universalized (with a twist), perhaps forever, that "Hippy-Dippy" peace hand gesture of the 60s and gave it a new and constant life at fan events and personal ones over the decades.

At least one of our developers met and chatted with Mr. Nimoy, and, yes, we miss him.

So, yes, it's sad that we lost him. Sad that "Live Long and Prosper" salute won't be held again by the originator.

"Live long and prosper," you did Mr. Nimoy. With any luck we will too, and we will never forget you.


The Star Rangers Team