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Extended Dev Game Play

Dev's Antara and Astronicus built half of a base on Mars between 11:30 am CST and 3pm CST. First the goal was to grow food. Antara strove to print out a biology hab while, Astronicus used forward thinking while working on getting power to the hab. In order to gain the materials to print these two habs, Antara downloaded all of the blueprints available and then ran around and mined materials. Astronicus used a more eloquent way of downloading the blueprints, by downloading them as he needed each one.

Star Rangers is quick to develop!

Star Rangers™ is ever developing!

A closed alpha test has been running since February 26, 2015. Star Rangers™ on Steam, lets you explore the solar system of the near future. As an astronaut, you must mine, explore, and survive with other players.The game features hostile environments including Mars, Europa and even the Moon. Star Rangers™, made in collaboration with NASA, promises weekly updates, surprises and dizzying action as you gear up for outer space.

Buggy race today at 4pm CST!